P350 flexitrax

An advanced and highly modular portable crawler camera system for the Pipeline Inspection professional.

P350 Command Module

  • Compact and tough command module, can be left on the drum or fitted where convenient.
  • IP53 weather proofed and light weight (as little as 12lbs)-(5.5kg).
  • Splashproof keyboard for text entry and on-site comprehensive reporting systems with XML and HTML output.
  • Intuitive tractor control options, compatible with third party USB gamepads.
  • USB 2.0 to transfer all the files quickly to a PC or laptop .
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology to send photos world-wide instantly (compatible cell phone and service provider required).

Rugged yet flexible

  • Self-contained power drum offers automatic retrieval mode, with crawler-cable rewind synchronization for safer and easier operations.
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling systems for quiet operation.
  • Cost effective, compact, manual drum option available for space- constrained installations, represents an ideal entry level system.
  • Choice of cable lengths from 330’(100m) to 1000’ (305m) with swivel-end tractor connection system provide system configurability and protection to the most vulnerable part of the cable.
  • Drum pendant remote control option facilitates easy system launch and retrieval.
  • Manhole and pipe roller accessories prevent unnecessary wear and damage to the cable.
  • On screen crawler roll and inclination indicator provide operators with real time information of the crawler angular position in the pipe.
  • Anti-roll software feature, automatically monitors the roll angle of the crawler and helps preventing flipping over.
  • Quick-release wheels and choice of rubber and abrasive tires enables fast set up and high pulling performance in most pipe conditions.

    *Minimum specified diameter must be maintained along the whole length of the survey.

Flexiprobe pushrod system support

  • One touch switch from crawler to pushrod operations, removes the need to move cables.
  • Supports full range of P340 flexiprobe pushrod reels and cameras to survey pipes from 1¼” (35mm).
  • Choice of different strength rods and lengths to suit domestic and commercial requirements.
  • 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm) cameras, with ultra-bright, white LED technology for a long, maintenance-free life and exceptional light performance.
  • Fixed or flexible 512Hz and 640Hz sondes to enable tracing of pipes and the pinpointing of problematic areas.
  • Skid Accessories to protect the camera and position the camera at the centre of the pipe to produce industry standard complaint video surveys.
  • Command module mounting support allows using the P350 command module mounted directly on the reel-its pivot action allows for optimal screen orientation.
P350 flexitrax system specification
Screen 200mm / 8" Industrial TFT, SVGA
Storage High Speed Compact Flash
Recording Time (hrs)*  1:45 (HQ) - 3:45 (MQ) - 9:00 (LQ)
Connectivity USB 2.0, Video/Audio In/Out, Ethernet, Bluetooth®
Dimensions 300 x 360 x 200mm / 14" x 14" x 8"
Weight 5.5kg /12lbs
Environmental IP55 (closed) IP53 (open) 
Dimension (L x Diameter)  63 x 136mm / 2.5" x 5.4"
Weight 1.8kg / 4.0lbs
Construction Stainless Steel and Aluminum
LED Luminance  ≥ 850lm
Dimension (L x Diameter)  250 x 80 x 40mm / 9.8” x 3.1” x 1.6”
Weight 0.7kg / 1.5lbs
Construction Linear Medium Density Polyethylene  (LMDPE) and mild steel
Environmental IP64
Dimensions (L x W x H) Drum  445 x 270 x 570mm / 17.5" x 10.6" x 22.4"   619 x 405 x 691mm / 24.4” x 16” x 27.2”
Dimensions manual power pack  418 x 195 x 420mm / 16.5" x 7.7" x 16.5"  Integral
Weight 18kg to 37kg / 39.7lbs to 64lbs  depending on cable  60kg to 75kg / 130lbs to 154lbs depending on cable
Construction Powder-coated tubular steel frame with steel and  aluminum power pack enclosure. Stainless steel  
and aluminum manual cable management mechanism  
Powder-coated steel chassis with steel and aluminum  enclosure. 
Interchangeable alloy cable drum. Stainless steel and aluminum automatic cable management mechanism
Power 110-240V 50-60Hz 1.2kVA. Generator (if used) to have inverter-type output
Pipe diameter  100mm to 300mm / 4" to 12"*  150mm to 600mm / 6" to 24"*
Dimensions (L x W x H)  250 x 82 x 69mm / 9.8" x 3.2" x 2.7"  345 x 128 x 84 / 13.6" x 5" x 3.3"
Weight 5.4kg / 12lbs  14.3kg / 31.5lbs
Motors 1 x 50W  2 x 50W
Construction Brass and Stainless Steel  Brass and Stainless Steel
Sonde frequency  512/640/8192/32768 Hz  512/640/8192/32768 Hz 
Inclinometer accuracy  +/- 0.2º  +/- 0.2º 
Dimensions (L x Diameter)  62 x 68mm / 2.4" x 2.7"  134 x 68mm / 5.3" x 2.7"  158 x 90mm / 6.2" x 3.5"
Weight 600g / 1.3lbs  1.8kg / 4.0lbs  2.9kg / 6.4lbs
Construction Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel 
Focal Range  10mm to ∞  10mm to ∞  10mm to ∞ 
Horizontal Resolution  ≥ 460TVL  ≥ 460TVL  ≥ 460TVL 
Sensitivity   < 1.0 Lux  < 1.0 Lux  1.0 Lux @ f1.8
LED luminance  ≥ 120lm  ≥ 210lm  ≥ 420lm
ELEVATORS P350-ELV (Fixed Elev-F ator) P350-ELV (A-A djustable Elevator) P350-ELV-L (AM Large Manual Elevator)
Weight 0.4kg / 0.9lbs  0.7kg / 1.5lbs  4.5kg / 9.9lbs
Construction Stainless Steel and Aluminum  Stainless Steel  Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Pipe Range (P354)  up to 300mm / 12"  up to 380mm / 15"  Not available
Pipe Range (P356)  up to 380mm / 15"  up to 458mm / 18"  300mm to 600mm