Hydraulic Wrenches - TXU Series

Identical mechanical operational characteristics as standard TX series. Offers hydraulic hose uni-swivel set atop of the flat cylinder body. Fully interchang...

Uni-Swivel Design
The 360 degree by 180 degree uni-swivel allows for shorter tool length, accommodating applications with obstructions.

Patented “Peanut-Shaped” Piston
This feature allows the cylinder and ratchet link to be the same width. Friction reducing sliders prevent wear on the piston.

Hex Link Cassettes
Each link is fitted with steel alignment pins connecting the lower reaction area for added strength.

No Drip Quick Connect Couplers
These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.

Cylinder and Link Material
Both cylinder and link are manufactured from 4340 Aircraft Quality high strength steel alloy.

Nose Radius
Tight nose radius allows this tool to fit in applications where clearance constraints make other tools too bulky.

In-Line Reaction Pad
This design ensures torsion-free reaction every time.

Link Pin
One pin for link to cylinder engagement - no tool required for swapping ratchet links.

TXU Inline Reaction Arm
This arm can be attached to the drive cylinder and ratchet link to provide a reaction area further from the tool.

TXU Tool Handle
This ergonomically designed handle for TorcUP hydraulic tooling can be attached to the tool for safe operation and positioning of the tool, while keeping hands clear of any reaction points.

TXU Low Point Reaction Paddle
The paddle allows for a reaction point below the tool or against the edge of the flange.

TXU Link Pin With Landyard
The lanyard design for this accessory allows the link pin to be tethered to the tool, preventing lost or dropped pins when switching out ratchet links.

TXU Spanner Wrench
The line of spanner wrenches for the TX Series, available in closed end standard sizes and open or closed custom sizes, is a unique solution for applications where traditional links will not fit.

TXU Hex Reducer
Custom hex reducers are available for all TX models to reduce the hex openings on the links. These bushings can reduce 3/16” (5mm) or more, depending on need.

TXU Hex to Square Drive Adaptor
Custom hex to square drive adaptors are available to in