Hydraulic Wrenches - SQ Series

Hose maneuverability enhanced with uni-swivel design. Enhanced ergonomic design optimizes fit across a mulitude of applications. Lab-tested and field-proven....

Patented Mono-Body Housing
This feature is a TorcUP exclusive. The SQ Series housing is machined from a single block of 7075 AQ Aluminum, which reduces torsion and flex on the body of the tool under pressure.

The 360 degree by 180 degree uni-swivel allows for shorter tool length thereby accommodating applications with obstructions.

Push-Through Drive
The push-through square drive allows the user to switch easily from loosen to tighten without having to remove the drive.

Steel Reaction Boot
This feature protects the main reaction point of the arm and is field replaceable.

Laser Engraved Torque Chart
The dual sided shroud is laser engraved with the torque chart for the SQ Series, preventing lost charts during use.

Reaction Arm Release Button
The release button for the reaction arm is set within the arm as a safety feature, protecting the arm from accidental disengagement.

Multi-Tooth Drive Segment
This design ensures a 27 degree stroke each time the tool fully advances.

No Drip Quick Connect Couplers
These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.

SQ Direct Hex Drive Adaptor
Replace the square drive of your SQ tool with this hex drive adaptor to drive socket head cap screws.

SQ End Cap Protector
This accessory provides protection for the end cap when operating the tool without the reaction arm.

SQ Extended Reaction Tube
Attach this reaction tube in place of the standard reaction arm when your reaction point is located further from the nut.

SQ Solid Square Drive
This square drive provides a non-push-through variation for tightening and loosening.

SQ Solid Long Extension Arm
This solid reaction arm is 6" longer than the standard reaction arm of each tool, allowing for a further reaction point.

SQ Wide Reaction Arm
When your reaction point does not hit firmly at the center of the standard arm, this arm provides a wider reaction plane. This can be factory installed as an option. Only available for the SQ-1 and SQ-3.

SQ Tool Handle
This ergonomically designed handle for TorcUP hydraulic tooling can be attached to the tool for safe operation and positioning of the tool, while keeping hands clear of any reaction points.

Square Drive 3/4" 1" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
Min. Torque (ft/lbs) 132 292 587 1198
Max. Torque (ft/lbs) 1345 3425 5922 11908
Min. Torque (nm) 179 396 796 1624
Max. Torque (nm) 1824 4644 8029 16145
Output Accuracy +/-3% +/-3% +/-3% +/-3%
Repeatability 100% 100% 100% 100%
Duty Cycle 100% 100% 100% 100%
Tool Weight (lbs) 5.5 11 18.5 32
Tool Weight (kgs) 2.5 5 8.4 14.5
Height 3.76" / 95.50mm 4.91" / 124.71mm 6.05" / 153.67mm 7.34" / 186.44mm
Length 1 4.91" / 124.71mm 6.48" / 164.59mm 7.95" / 201.93mm 9.85" / 250.19mm
Length 2 6.47" / 164.34mm 8.48" / 215.39mm 10.70" / 271.78mm 2.85" / 326.39mm
Radius 0.99" / 25.15mm 1.31" / 33.20mm 1.57" / 39.88mm 2.13" / 54.10mm
Width 1 2.00" / 50.80mm 2.63" / 66.80mm 3.13" / 79.50mm 3.95" / 100.33mm
Width 2 2.75" / 69.85mm 3.68" / 93.50mm 4.64" / 117.86mm 5.47" / 138.94mm
Width 3 4.61" / 117.09mm 5.92" / 150.37mm 7.00" / 177.80mm 8.74" / 222.00mm

SQ Dimensions Drawing