Hydraulic Pumps - AP Series

Total pump operation through pneumatic pressure drive. Complete system for filter and lubrication of air supply. Complete package to operate any hydraulic wr...

Precise PSI/BAR Gauge

The TorcUP gauge display shows PSI and Bar for use around the world.

Rugged Remote
Each pump includes the 15' low-voltage ergonomic remote operation pendant. The durable design is suited for the harshest environments.

Industrial Reservoir
Powder coated aluminum reservoir is lightweight yet durable for operating in the harshest environments. Both the single port and quad versions come with a 1.5 gallon reservoir.

Easy View Sight Glass
Sight glass enables operator to monitor reservoir oil levels..


Quadra-Torc Option
The pump can be ordered with an installed four port manifold for operating four tools concurrently. This version comes complete with a 1.5 gallon reservoir.

Pressure Adjustment Knob

The easily accessible knob allows the user to adjust the pressure output of the pump, increasing or decreasing torque when necessary.

Twinline High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses
Each pump comes standard with one set of 15' twinline hydraulic hoses. The hoses are 4:1 safety rated and made of durable steel mesh in a protective rubberized coating.

No Drip Quick Connect Couplers

These 3:1 rated safety couplers are designed for simple engagement. The coupler collar ensures safe operation.

Storage/Shipping Cases
Cases ranging from aluminum to plastic for pump storage and delivery are available to fit the pumps and tools.

Roll Cage

A protective aluminum roll cage is available for all pumps. This cage is standard on all SV pumps.

Twinline High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

Each pump comes standard with one set of 15' twinline

Heavy Duty Air Motor

The powerful 4HP motor driving the AP1000 Series runs on 50cfm / 90PSI. It is well suited for heavy industrial applications.

Model Reservoir Capacity Model Valve System / Function Pendant Motor Spec Flow Rate Weight
AP1000 1.5Gal / 
5.7 litre
Torque Auto Retract / Advance/Retract Motor / 
Solenoid Control
4HP @ 100psi / 
700 cu. in./min. @ 0 psi 55 cu.in./min.@10,000 psi (11.5 litres/min. @ 0 bar 0.9 / min. @ 700bar) 67.65lbs / 
30.7 kg

Kích Thước:

Usable Reservoir Capacity A B C D
1.5 gal / 5.7 litre 15.13 in / 384 mm 8.75 in / 222 mm 16.09 in / 409 mm 5.94 in / 151 mm