Electric Torque Wrench- Series VT -E6

The Most Accurate Wheel Bolting Torque Wrench In The Industry

The VT-E6 Series Battery-Powered Torque Wrench is a torque tool specifically created for use on one of the most accuracy critical fastener applications in the world, Wheel Bolting! Now, this wrench, with its extended barrel and cordless versatility, is making one of the industry’s most difficult jobs easier than ever before. With the use of standard industrial sockets, every bolting application is met with a repeatable accuracy of +/-5%

Square Drive 3/4"
Min torque (ft/lbs) 240
Max torque (ft/lbs) 1000
Min torque (nm) 335
Max torque (nm) 1355
Output Accuracy +/-5%
Repeatability 100%
Duty Cycle 100%
Weight w/o Arm & Battery 13.5lbs/ 6.1kg
Weight w/ Arm & Battery

16.5lbs/ 7.5kg



Height 10.40" / 264.2mm
Square Drive .75" / 19mm
Length 15.64" / 397.3mm
Diameter 1 2.62" / 66.5mm
Diameter 2 1.87" / 47.5mm