RD5000 WL

With ClearTRACK and Dynamic Overload Protection, the RD5000™WL simplifies the task of locating specific pipes in large underground networks.

RD533 Leak Noise Correlator

The RD533 correlator locates and pinpoints water leaks on underground water pipes using sensors attached to infrastructure fittings.

RD542 Handheld Leak Detector

The RD542 is a small handheld electronic water leak detection tool especially suited to detecting leaks at water meters.

RD545 Acoustic Leak Detector

The RD545 is an advanced electronic ground microphone designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from underground supply pipes under pressure....

RD546 Analog Listening Stick

The RD546 is a mechanical listening stick made from high-quality materials for water leak detection at meters, pipes and other fittings.